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I’m attempting to upgrade a vSphere 4 to vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus installation. Just a real simple out of the box install. So I run the Vcenter Host Agent Pre-Upgrade Checker.  Simple enough. But it fails connecting to the database with a “failed to connect to database for user…” error. and “Look at the log file for more details”

Sigh…. Got me.  I know I got my credentials correct. So I do a web search, can’t find anything relevant.

So on a hunch, I just browse the CD and run Autorun with elevated privs (right click, “run as administrator”) and then it worked fine.




How to do a Data Only Smartphone Plan for $25/month

1 October 2011

These days having a smartphone means spending $60/month or more for a base package of loads of minutes you may never use, text plan, and a mandatory data package.  But what if you could buy just data, run voice over the data plan, and use IM clients instead of text?   Well now you can. [...]

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Insane security at Turkey’s IST Istanbul International Airport

10 June 2011

Just got back from a very enjoyable trip to Turkey.   On our return flight, the level of security at the airport was off the chart.   This is what steps we had to go through. Bag X-ray and metal detector at front door of  airport.  Yeah, before you even get to check-in, so you [...]

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Peggy Lee, original and the 2010 remix

30 May 2010

Love these two videos, old school and a remix allegedly done by a Serbian DJ. First old school… And now the remix…. Which do you like better?! Oh wait, I forgot Jessica!

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WoW Priest Mini 5-player Cheat Sheet

24 April 2010

I play a Holy or Discipline spec’ed priest in WoW.  I’m a healer. That means when people die, it’s my fault. Doesn’t matter if the tank didn’t hold agro or DPS gained agro — it’s my fault.   So this is my little cheat sheet so when I do a random, I can quickly review [...]

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Couldn’t find root user? Oh my.

14 March 2010

At my other job I was given a Mac laptop to fix that wouldn’t boot.  It just sat there on the spinning wheel and never came to the logon screen.  So first thing I did was to boot in verbose mode by holding CMD-V down after the boot sound.  This shows boot messages.  Doing this [...]

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Weave.org is Mine!

2 January 2010

Weave has been my nickname ever since some guy named Frank Kros set me up a user account in 1982 on a Burroughs mainframe that I was to do some contract COBOL programming on. The college I was attending at rented time on that system.  Since he forgot how to spell my last name, he [...]

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I seem to have a New Year’s Eve curse

30 December 2009

I don’t believe in curses. But on the other hand, how many times does something have to happen before you start to wonder if there’s something to it.  Then again there’s the self-fulfilling prophecy angle. But trust me, some of these events I couldn’t have subconsciously made happen. It doesn’t happen every year, but way [...]

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Installing MS-SQL Express for those not familiar with it

15 November 2009

First of all, it’s really stupid I have to write a blog post on how to install the free Microsoft SQL express package, but it just isn’t that easy to do.  It’s nice they give it away for free for people like me to learn it all, but they assume you already know it in [...]

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Prepaid U.S. Mobile Phone Howto for U.S. Visitors

23 August 2009

This is a guide to how to get a prepaid phone that works in the United States if you plan to visit here.  Information about how to do this is hard to find because the phone companies don’t want you to just use a phone for a week or so and toss it basically.   [...]

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Politics and Advertising should not mix

15 August 2009

There’s an interesting boycott war going on out there right now, all over Glenn Beck.   It all started (I believe) with this video. Apparently it has had some success as some advertisers are pulling out of the Beck program, because many people are offended by the guy or something. These offended people set up [...]

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