Maddox is an idiot

So, I’m figuring since I’m the last person on the planet without a blog (my wife has FIVE, believe it or not), I figured the time has come. And like all typical boring blogs, I’ll have to write about someone else’s blog, specifically Maddox’s rant on Orbitz.

OK, so he got screwed by Orbitz, but claims the $94 they got from him will be the most expensive mistake they ever made. Thing is, he was really out $144 but they gave him a $50 voucher for a future trip to make it up to him.

Ah, hello? That $50 is worth squat unless he turns around and books another trip with them again. If he does, he’s a bigger idiot than I thought.

First mistake, booking a trip from an online travel agent. They all suck. OK, I can forgive someone from making the mistake once, but that’s it. If he cashes in that voucher, he better not go whining to everyone about it later when they screw him over again.

My “screwed over” stories are about Expedia and Travelocity. Yes, that’s twice, but I have an excuse — the wife.

Expedia: The wife and I had a ticket from Philadelphia to Erie, PA, connecting at Pittsburgh on US Airways for September 14, 2001 with a return trip on September 16, 2001. Booked the trip through Expedia. Each round-trip ticket cost $350 and since I paid for both of them, I’d have two charges of $350 each on my American Express Card.

Well, three days before we were to leave, all hell broke loose. The airlines promised that anyone that had a ticket for a flight for the next several weeks could either reschedule or get a full refund. Well, I didn’t want to reschedule because this was for a specific weekend event and while the rest of the world was in a panic, I was ready to jump on a plane Friday. Problem was, they weren’t flying. By the time Friday came around, some flights were operating, but most still weren’t and hence our flight was canceled.

OK, so I waited a few days and then called US Air about getting my refund. They told me to call Expedia. I called Expedia, they said I’d get a refund within 2-3 weeks.

OK, 4 weeks later, no credit appears on my charge card, so I call again. This time I’m told it takes about two billing cycles to issue credits. You gotta be kidding me. If I told my cable company that it’d take me two billing cycles to pay my bills, I’d be cut off after one.

So, 2-3 months go by and still no credit, so I call Expedia again. This time the idiot told me a refund would take 4-6 months. Unbelievable. Of course, they string you along like this to make it harder to make a credit card dispute.

Amazingly, about a week later, I get one of the tickets refunded. One, not two. I call Expedia again, they claim they already processed a refund. I’m like, “FOR ONE TICKET, I BOUGHT TWO. So they claim they’ll look into it, but it’ll probably take 2-3 months to get a refund processed.

So at this point, I’m like. Hell with it. I called American Express, dispute the charge, tell them the entire sordid story. I clearly lay it out, “Hey look, I bought two tickets, I’m disputing only one of them. I got a refund for the other ticket. I have no idea which one on my bill was refunded so please don’t flag the ticket I got a refund on as a disputed item.

Sure enough, a month later Amex sends me a polite message that I already received a refund for the ticket and my dispute was denied. When I called them, they said I should send in both tickets. Of course, it was an e-ticket so I had squat-all to send them. But, American Express tells me that Expedia claimed they issued paper tickets to me so hence I’d need to return them.

So I call Expedia back. Now this is now well over six months later. After over 30 minutes on hold, I gave up and hung up and tried to make myself feel better by saying that all the people who lost a helluva lot on 9/11, if all I lost was $350 I should consider myself lucky. Still, I vowed I’d never ever ever deal with a third party travel agent again.

Listen people, don’t let them screw you over. BUY DIRECT.

Travelocity: But, of course, husbands don’t know any better so a year later my wife booked tickets through Travelocity to the Mariott in Brooklyn for a few days, of which Travelocity was ever so helpful to charge the hotel stay to her credit card in advance.

I’m like, “Why didn’t you just use those slags to price out places, then just call the property directly?” But hey, what do I know anyway?

So we spend a few days there, and on the last morning the hotel slips our list of charges under the door. Of course, the entire stay was billed. Travelocity just screwed us.

So at the front desk I try to explain to the counter clerk that we booked the room through Travelocity, and the room should be prepaid. “Nope.” “Arrrgh, please get me a manager.”

I explain the Travelocity bit and show him the confirmation (which admittedly I could have just done it up anyway I liked on a PC and printed it out). So, kudos to the hotel manager, he was polite, understanding, and said he would try to call Travelocity for me to straighten it out.

Well, turns out hotels get stuck in the same customer-service queue hell as the rest of us poor suckers. He was on hold for over a half-an-hour. Now admittedly he was on speaker phone back there listening to the music-on-hold but he was trying. After half-an-hour I was like, “Look, thanks for trying. It’s not your fault Travelocity are morons. We’ll charge the room and dispute the Travelocity charge later.”

The manager was cool. He tried, he didn’t try to accuse me of scamming him. He should be in charge of Travelocity.

Now, since it was my wife’s credit card, I asked her to make sure she disputed the travelocity charge, not the hotel charge. Now whether she ever did that or not, I have no idea. For me to ask would be for me to show a lack of trust and faith in her, so I just dropped it.

So, after all that, the lesson to learn here is, NEVER EVER EVER BUY FROM AN ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCY If you have a dispute, you have a third party to hassle with. They add no value. Just leach their website to price out flights and rooms and then find what you want and go to that company’s website directly and buy what you need. You’ll also find it’s usually cheaper that way since they don’t have to pay a commission to these “value subtracted resellers.”

33 thoughts on “Maddox is an idiot”

  1. You have no substance to your critique. You made a blog out of boredom, ragging on someone infinitely more intelligent than you, and you must pay the price. Everything that you said in this so called “blog” denotes that you are a hermit, have little to no self esteem, and I would even venture to say that you, in fact, do not have a wife, because any woman that would associate with a social parasite as yourself is either riding on a short yellow schoolbus, or non-existant. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt, and assuming the latter. Your mentality is a degradation to humanity as a whole, and I hope that you die a humiliating death, such as asphyxiation from a male member, or fecal excrement. I get the feeling that this is not a complete impossibility. You’re a stain to the internet, stop what you are doing, and you will be better off for it. I’ll give you my email, just to provoke a mundane response from you. I hope for your sake, the subject of said response is “my wife made me do it”, otherwise you have no excuse. I dare you.

  2. I agree, Maddox isn’t in the least bit amusing. And to those above: insulting people proves plenty about your intelligence.

  3. You are the downfall of western civilisation and a parasite to general society. who the hell do you think you are? Maddox has a real website and you you’re just some dumbass who pisses his troubles away on his stupid blog. people like you who think they are intelligent are morons. And in case you were wondering why I was on your blog the link to it was at the very top of the page from when you type in “maddox is an asshole”.

  4. Hannibal, Maddox is some tool who can do nothing but bitch. Rest easy in the knowledge you think you are better than these people and shut the fuck up.

  5. Ahahaa. I just have to laugh at the people who are defending Maddox. Seriously? You think he’s going to be your friend now? Nobody wants to be your friend, since you go around kissing ass to some jerk on the internet.

    Weave – I can’t believe Expedia did that. It seems like they just totally took advantage of the whole 9/11 thing. I bet they did that to a bunch of people, you should sue them. I’m definitely not going to book through any of these third party sites again. They seem like a scam.

  6. Yay for me. I’m now the #1 google result for the search term “Maddox is an idiot” — and based on how many hits this boring-ass blog gets from that term, looks like many of you agree!

  7. I agree Maddox is a jerk! I think people who are on his craw are pathetic!
    He insults the drawings of children of his coworkers. What a sad cantankerous miserable lump! Trust me if he decided to take down his page it would be no loss to humanity.

    He must have more free time on his hands than good sense why else would he spend it on the net all the time!

  8. Rage on, nerd. Idiots like you send Maddox “hate mail” and end up getting OWNED and displayed on his site. Fuck you, nerd boy! MADDOX ROCKS!

  9. I’m really getting tired of it when every time someone questions maddox, all of his fans rush to his aid to defend his integrity. Get this – he makes mistakes all the time, as do all of us. Maddox has contradicted himself plenty of times and has even openly admitted to making grammar/spelling errors when he wrote some pages. He hates fans that can’t think for themselves.

    Even if never made mistakes and were always right, do you think you’ve fought some kind of battle for him by spending the time to not only read an entire blog, but make enough of an effort to leave a comment about it? It’s like the people who watch crappy Youtube movies and then complain about how much time they wasted. I’m sick of tired of these internet nerds acting all high and mighty. What does it accomplish putting someone else down? If you don’t like their opinion, don’t read it. Isn’t that what your god Maddox proclaims? Just because your life is so menial that you feel the need to be an asshole to everyone on the internet (or perhaps it’s because you can safely hide behind a computer with no confrontation), doesn’t mean the person you’re being an asshole to is an idiot.

    Also, blogs are hard to get readers. Most blogs go completely unread for months. The fact this guy managed to get 11 comments is pretty impressive. Anyway, I’m defending the writer because he has the right to publish whatever he wants. Let’s not forget the first amendment, folks.

  10. The best part of it “fart” is that the guy who commented before you found this blog entry by searching for “Maddox is an idiot.”

  11. I just read what Maddox had to say about Elizabeth Smart, and I gotta say he is a complete jerk. If you have never been abducted, then don’t criticize the abducted person.

  12. If there was one last nail in the coffin required for this bland, insipid, and boring little blog, it is all the posts defending this piece and condemning Maddox for being ‘hateful’.

    I’ll just do you all a big favor and spell it out for you. Maddox = S.a.t.i.r.e

    Yes, it’s crude. But it’s also very well written, witty, and funny (infinitely more so than your piece here). THAT’s why he has such a large readership.

    Go ahead and hate. We (Maddox’s readers) get a kick out of folks like you getting your panties in a bunch. In fact, thanks for being fodder for new material. And while you’re at it, ‘Weave’, enjoy being a whore who is increasing hits to an otherwise shitty blog by adding the keyword ‘Maddox’ to an article.

    p.s.: just saw that you are a ‘WoWer. All I have to say is….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  13. What Ya get When you Cross a Pervert with an Overacheiver.A Provert.That is a Professional Pervert for those who haven’t Gotten the Damn Stupid Sick Joke.Just Like Maddox.Maddox is a Provert.

    He Has an Open Invitation to a Gayla (Not A Typo ) Ball in San Francisco.He is The Center of a Circle Jerk of Pirate Ninjas.How can He survive as a Landlocked Pirate.His Fantasy of Being Gang Raped by Twenty Gay Pirates can CUM True. San Francisco isn’t LandLocked.You Can Be Shaghaied and Hogtied Maddox.We Booked you a Flight with Expedia. That Should send you Into Orbitz.

  14. Aww, did wittle Maddox fanboys and fangirls get all butthurt from the big bad Maddox haters? Somebody call the wahmbulance. They need their diapers changed and their bottles to suck on.

    Lemme tell you Maddox cocksuckers this: Those haters can hate that damn dickhead whenever they want. If you love him so much, why don’t you just die with him?

    I’m warning you Maddox fans that Maddox haters will retaliate at you if you get back at all of them. So you better leave them the fuck alone. if not, fuck you and go eat a dick like the shitwads you are.

  15. maddox is a fucking bellower– nothing more– nothing less. all he does is rant like a sniveling little bitch. His fans are all nothing but jerks and subhuman cocksuckers. They think they’re so witty, cool and sarcastic. Those snerts make me glad things like the atomic bomb were invented. Maddox is so anti-racism but goes on and on about his hatred against women. Shut the fuck up! He sounds like the male equivalent to a godawful shrieking feminist. His rants are scrappings of arguments aimed at nothing at all. It’s a shame that him and his fans go throughout their life being so crummy. The website stinks will insults and idiocy. He thinks of himself as a professional wizard, but in practice people like him usually turn out to be hopeless incompetents.

    1. if you hate maddox so much, why’d you make your username the same as his? couldn’t you at least call yourself anti-Maddox?

  16. Maddox is silly. He believes that the world revolves around the Internet, and is frankly your average lazy tosser who’ll rant his mundane opinion over subjects that are equally mundane. His variety of speech seems to include an awful lot of ‘cocksucking’, and I guess it’s simply his sulky way of coping with the oh-so-high levels of stress in his life. He’s also insolent and ungrateful, but we can just about overlook those. Not.

  17. You, sir or ma’am (most likely, sir) are the worst commenter in this webpage. I don’t think that all the commenters are bad. Just the ones who defend that arrogant and self-righteous Maddox. You’re so narrow-minded about nerds and suck up to that damn satirist. Who the hell do you think you are in being biased against nerds? What are you, a suck-up to jocks and other bullies?!

    Maddox is hypocritical in that he badmouthed jocks but doesn’t hate them. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that he has the mentality of a jock.

    Why in the hell are you prejudiced against nerds? Were you brainwashed into bullying them? Keep this in mind that your narrow-minded opinions against nerds will likely make them kick your ass in real life.

    Since you think that Maddox rocks, you’re really a fucked-up piece of shit who deserves to have the crap beaten out of him. Hell, I wouldn’t kickin’ the shit out of your ass in real life.

    As for your username, it describes you perfectly as it does Maddox and his other blind fanatics instead of his haters. So do me a favor and fuck yourself to death like the shit head you are.

  18. well, well, look who we have here: a bunch of maddox fanboys and fangirls who had nothin’ to do but bitch towards maddox haters ’cause they blindly kiss his ass like there’s no tomorrow. lemme tell you losers somethin’: this is a maddox-hating website and not some place where you can whine all you want about anti-maddox folks shittin’ on that jerkass. so shut your damn mouths and get the hell off here!

    since i have no love for maddox and his fans, i might as will chew two of them out.

    1. @You’retheidiot:

    “first of all, you and other maddox humpers are the idiots here. and second of all, everything that you posted to weave is total bullshit, which is what you and maddox are full of. how its bullshit is that it’s all lies.

    in other words, everything that you told weave contradicts what’s true. if you think that maddox is more intelligent than him, then you’re sadly mistaken.

    one other thing is that you’re a hypocrite in these ways:

    a. you blamed weave for being a stain on the internet when you came off as being one.

    b. you accused weave of havin’ no life when it soudns like you don’t have one.

    c. you whined about weave’s mentality being a degradation to humanity as a whole when your mentality fits that description.

    do you honestly think that you and maddox are such good guys who contribute to society? if so, then you’re livin’ in lala land.

    an’ how dare you tell weave that you hope he dies a humiliating death just ’cause he made anti-maddox blog. for your information, there will always be haters of maddox in this world. ‘n’ whether you like it or not, you have to put up with them. afterall, it’s their right to hate maddox.

    if you get back at every maddox hater there is, they’ll likely do the same to you.

    but if you insist on weave dying, then why don’t you like the dumbass you are instead? what’s more is that your daring weave to e-mail you just ’cause he pissed you off is soundin’ like your askin’ to get your sorry ass kicked.

    also, you’re tellin’ weave stop what he was doing isn’t goin’ to work ’cause you’re not his boss. an’ if you think that you can try ‘n’ stop him from being anti-maddox, then prepare to have your ass handed to you.

    one other thing is that you’re darin’ weave to get all pissy with you is like askin’ a big nasty guy or a carnivorous animal to kill the shit outta you. i mean, how would you like it if other people tell you to die just because you hate who and/or what they like? in case you haven’t noticed, everyone has a right to opinion. an’ whether you like it or not, you have to respect their opinions, which differ from yours. besides, you wouldn’t everyone to be exactly like you.

    if you ask me, this world is better off with you, maddox, and his other fanatics. so if you can, just kill the shit out of yourself an’ save us anti-maddox folks the trouble of reading shitty bitching.”

    2. @Shawn:

    “as for you, i apply most or much o’ the same things to you as i did to You’retheidiot. just like him or her (most likely him just as you are), you’re been brainwashed by the stupid-ass Maddick. for your information, satire is for stupid people like you an’ maddox’s other fanatics!

    if you think that maddox is so great ‘n’ funny, then you’re just as fucked up in the head as he and his other fans are.

    about you and other maddox supporters thnkin’ that us maddox haters gettin’ all worked up overthat stupid satirist’s work is funny, that makes it sound like you want your ass kicked. so you better watch your ass unless you want someone to hand it you.

    as for darin’ all maddox haters to hate as much as they want, there’s an old saying: be careful what you wish for for it might come true. what i’m trying to tryin’ to tell you is that darin’ others to be nasty to you will ikely encourage to do things like beat the crap outta you.

    as i told you and other maddox-supporting douchebags, get the hell off this site. in case you already forgot the reason for that, it’s because this blog is for maddox haters and not his cocksuckin’ fans.

    also, this blog isn’t shitty. what’s shitty is your fanaticism for Maddickead (Maddox dickead). if you ask me, weave has every right to make this blog. but since you hate it, you might as will keep your damn mouth shut and stay the fuck off of it.

    it’s ironic that you called weave a whore when you, maddox, and his fans come off as being whores for attention. what a sad lonely life you must have. i could feel sorry for you but you’d just take advantage of me if i do. and so, you have no pity from me.

    about that dumb-assed laughter, just shove it you your ass. if you do and you whine about how painful it is, i’d laugh cruelly at you. so hahahahaha back at ya, asswipe!”

    now that i’m done chewin’ out the asses o’ those no-life fanboys of maddox, i’ll give this piece advice to you, at Fuckin’ idiot:

    “as a reward for getting back at the one who’s called Fuckin’ idiot, you should put have the word ‘mind’ between ‘wouldn’t’ and ‘kickin’. that way, you can be complete and specific in what you type.”

  19. Fuck all of you cunts. Give me an address and I’ll right smack any one of you patsies round side the head. Bunch of fookin wankers wastin my internet data space. Fuck off.

  20. Ur a big fukin’ whiner for actin’ all tough on the Web. I dunno who the fuk u ar. But if u dont own this blog ‘n’ claim that they wasted ur data space, then dont fukin’ comment on it!

    As for that darin’ other people to give u their address just so u can smack the hell outta them, that’s askin’ to have ur ass kicked. By tellin’ them that, they could do to u what wat u wanna do to them.

    Its ironic that u called all the other people in here cunts ‘n’ wankers wen u act like both o’ them. Well, the only cunts an’ wankers are the Maddox fanatics.

    But my point is that u stay the fuk away from this blog unless u want ur ass handed to u.

    Seriously, the Internet tough guy routine just shows how insecure u ar. If ur gonna bitch ‘n’ moan like crybaby as well as throw out threats, then either shut the fuck up or be prepared to have ur ass handed to u.

  21. i remember wen i pretended to be his fan once by warnin him ’bout people who claimed to hate. but he never responded to me. that goes to show wat a hypocrite he is.

    if anyone asks me, maddox is the very person he claimed to hate: a bigot.

  22. as far as i’m concerned, that asswipe’s just a whiny cunt with nothin better to do than bitch ’bout things that piss him off.

  23. He is, many of his articles have been debunked or mocked (like that Connie article.) I find him funny and agree with him on some things though.

    1. if you’re against Maddox, you shouldn’t find him funny. i sure don’t. if you ask me, he deserves to fired just as his websites deserve to be taken down for good. hell, every book that he wrote deserves to get banned in every place that it’s in.

    2. if i’m you, i wouldn’t find maddox funny. he never was and never will be. if you ask me, a true maddox hater would never find maddox humorous. instead, he or she would go out of his or her way to hate him.

  24. hey, Not Maddox! if you’re against Maddox, you shouldn’t find him funny. i sure don’t. if you ask me, he deserves to fired just as his websites deserve to be taken down for good. hell ,every book that he wrote deserves to get banned in every place that it’s in.

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