My last meal ever at Quiznos

My last quiznos meal   

My last Quiznos Meal

You are looking at the last meal I will ever buy at Quiznos. They did the unforgiveable, they switched from Coke products to that Pepsi sludge.

It’s no secret that both Pepsi and Coke work to get exclusive rights to provide their stuff in places like this, by providing “incentives” to the owners to switch. And of course, the people that run these places see dollar signs in their head and switch, thinking that most people don’t care  — and probably that is true — but not this person.

I can’t imagine what the Coke and Pepsi reps tell their customers when working a deal like this. Do they say “You won’t lose any customers because they don’t care?” If they say this, then they are admitting that their product is not so special.

Well, some people care. Nothing beats a nice cold Diet Coke. Diet Pepsi is horrible. It’s bad enough that it does influence my decision. There’s a Subway down the street, and by golly, they toast their stuff now, and they serve Coke products, so I’m switching. I even told the franchise owner I was switching after he told me he couldn’t sell Coke products due to the contract.

Now I’m sure Quiznos won’t care less that ole Weave is switching, and I’m sure they may pick up some diehard Pepsi losers, but that’s not the point. What happened to the customer is always right? What happened to giving the customer what they want? Why not provide them a choice?


I know places lose some revenue from doing exclusives. Is it more than the incentive, I don’t know. Is the loss of goodwill worth it? 7-Eleven certainly has both company’s products in their fountains, for example. And for a while, they were making a big deal about giving people a choice.

My employer “used” to have both brands available in our cafeteria, but they switched to an exclusive Pepsi arrangement a year or so ago. And you know what happened? They lose revenue cause of it. How can I make such a claim? Because from actual experience I know I and other Coke lovers now smuggle in our own supply. So instead of dropping $1.25 on a bottle of Diet Coke there a few times a day, I just bring in a 12 pack of my own. The company cafeteria operation now gets squat.

And if the pain of having to wash down my meatball sub with a Diet Pepsi wasn’t bad enough, to make matters worse, it wasn’t even an iTunes “free song” winner.

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  1. Well, Pepsi is better. But then again, I don’t buy diet drinks and I rarely drink soda anymore.

    Almost every store picks a brand of soda. Its like a sub shop picking a bakery for their rolls or a high dollar steak shop picking a butcher for their steaks. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

    From what I’ve heard, its also like the smoking laws in Texas. Restaurants have to choose whether they are smoking or not. Then the whole place is that way. I think they might be required to put a sign on the front door or something. If you don’t want to be around smoke at the Applebees, go across the street to the Chilies.

    Moral of the story, Quiznos doesn’t want you anyhow. If they did, they would have choosen Coke. 🙂

  2. About 5 years ago I used to always stop into Rite-Aid on Market Street Mall and pick up a 12-pack of Diet Coke and other stuff. Then for some reason they threw out Coke products, manager said it was so their Pepsi products could always be on sale.

    Well, I never went back to Rite-Aid after that, so not only did they lose my beverage business, but all the other crap I need to buy from a drug store, like a $14.00 bottle of Excedrin every week or so.

    I started going to Happy Harry’s.

    A few weeks ago I saw a sign in their window about Coke being on sale, so I guess they changed their mind. Thing is, I have a “routine” now and still don’t go into that place.

  3. I know this is terribly old, but I chanced upon it and thought you might notice it in the wordpress dashboard.

    For the record.. we, Quiznos, decided to leave coke after they struck a deal with subways to provide each franchise with a toaster as long as the coke logo was on the toaster.

    Obviously, that just wasn’t right. We aren’t nickel and diming the customers to make a few extra bucks. If anything, pepsi costs franchisers more. I myself like Coke better.

    But we were a big contract for coke, and they almost single handedly put subway right in our niche (that being, toasted sandwiches), so our only way to voice our concern was to cancel the contract and get a deal with pepsi.

    I’m sorry that you aren’t going to be visiting Quiznos anymore, and I understand, I just wanted to let you know that we do care. Sometimes it’s unavoidable.

    As far as giving you both options, with large franchises this is impossible. Pepsi nor coke would ever agree to a contract unless it was entirely exclusive. That’s just how it works.

  4. Wow. Thanks for that feedback. Certainly not expected and really appreciate the insider info to why this happened.

    I understand the exclusive contract issues, so perhaps I am more mad at Coke and Pepsi, although I have seen the occasional restaurant that will allow you to choose which brand you want (or maybe they just say that and end up pouring RC Cola no matter what!)

  5. I don’t mean to rude, but why did you choose Diet Pepsi when they didn’t have Diet Coke? If you’re eating a Quizno’s, you’re not really concerned about calories, right? Maybe you’d like regular Pepsi instead of Diet Pepsi “sludge”.

  6. Apparently when Subway decided to start toasting their Subs like Quiznos, Coke paid for all the toasting ovens for their restaurants on the agreement they switched from selling Pepsi to Coke.

  7. Okay… do you like other sodas that are Pepsi products? Like mountain dew or sierra mist? You can still go to quiznos and drink a soda you like.

  8. weave is a ignorant fool. subway meats have a turkey filler and their product is junk. Quiznos slices all meats fresh on site. In fact, subway does not even have a meat slicer in their store. Good luck putting your body through hell with bad food because of a measy soft drink choice.

  9. I own a Quiznos, and yes, this thing is really old, but let me tell you something. The kickbacks from Pepsi do NOT go to the franchisees. They go to a certain asshole named Rick Schreader. HE takes our kickbacks. HE raises our food costs. HE chooses to do all this crap. We (all franchise owners) HATE Rick. He’s an ass clown.

    Yes, Coke screwed us over by buying Subway all their ovens, but that’s the least of our problems. They have a food cost of 20% or less. Ours is an average of 30%. Pepsi products cost more. They shouldn’t but they do. All our meats cost more. Our breads, soups, cheese, all of it is outrageously priced.

    So, if you no longer eat at Quiznos, you aren’t hurting the brand, you are hurting the franchisee that simply wanted to have their own business.


  10. Actually, it depends on the distribution network in your are as to how which brand is cheaper. I lived in Arkansas, and Pepsi is cheaper there, because Coke has such a foothold. Now I’m in Ohio, and Coke is cheaper, because there are so many trendy yuppies that buy Pepsi.

    I personally hate the sickly-sweet taste of all Pepsi products. WAAAAAAY too much sugar (or corn syrup or whatever).

    Cola should taste like cola, not sugarwater. I’ll take RC over pepsi. Heck, I’ll take store-brand generics over Pepsi. Let’s face it, a steady soda habit is not all that cheap. Pepsi does a lot of their business in inconsistent sales to teenagers, etc. That’s why Coke is the established market leader, and holding its place. That’s why Pepsi has to spend millions to keep changing its wrappers and logos every year, they have to stay “cool”. Meanwhile, Coke outsells them while their branding and logos stay pretty much the same.

  11. I’m speaking from Canada, and we still have Coke in the stores. Problem is, that the distributor for our area is disorganized and inefficient. We keep winding up with deliveries short of what we need, items that we never ordered, and occasionally the cases have bottles that don’t have a cap. You can have brands, but that itself does not necessarily dictate the quality of service nor goods.

    Also another point when considering the subs themselves.

    Quiznos subs are infinitely better, not only because we toast every single sub, but simply because ingredient quality is that much better. From suppliers, we get entire hams and turkeys and sausages and we take all of that and cut it ourselves. Pre-sliced meats tend to dry out, and it’s much more moist and fresh if we cut it ourselves. Plus we get our meats from local centres, and they are generally refrigerated but not frozen.

    We also receive the cheese in large blocks. We have to slice the cheese into squares, stack and cut the squares in halves into triangles, and then have to separate each individual slice and then put it back into the fridge. Cheese cutting is unpredictable, and highly dependent on business. For example, if we don’t use up all the cut mozzarella in three days, the cheese starts to dry up and crumble. With processed cheese however, that will not happen, at least for a long time. Processed cheese cuts down on wastage and labour, but tastes awful. So we dedicate a lot of effort to preparing our ingredients. Which leads to my other section.

    Managing a Quiznos is infinitely hard. For us, it’s practically a family business. Training helpers takes at least around two weeks. Spread over shifts, it can take up to a month to get someone to be sufficiently competent to know what they’re doing. On the average day, if we’re lucky, we can close up shop by 9 and leave at 10:30. If we’re unlucky however, it can carry on well past midnight. And it seems to get harder and harder. However I digress.

    If Subway has a one up on Quiznos, it’s that it makes its own bread on site (out of prepared ingredients, I presume), and there is a larger array of toppings. I believe that contrary to someone else’s opinion, Subway does slice some ingredients, but I’m pretty sure they don’t use it on their cold cuts. Quiznos’ stores use a high-speed mechanical deli slicer to cut the meats and cheese.

    Anyways, I’ve gotten a bit distracted while writing this, but point is that soft drinks are a moot matter when going out to eat at a fast food restaurant. In fact, I rarely purchase soft drinks myself at any fast food. I prefer to buy one from the nearest grocery or convenience store. Maybe the needs of the working adult are different. But my personal opinion is this:

    BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage)

    PS: Not all PepsiCo drinks are actually “Pepsi”.

  12. Thanks for the feedback Gecko. This has been an interesting topic, even though it was only really a rant on my part at first.

    Also it’s amazing what kind of search terms end up directing people to this page, and most seem to be from disenchanted franchise owners.

    I should list a few of them some time! 🙂

  13. Honestly I would have just gotten water, if you saw Pepsi and knew you will not like it then why buy it?

    I am an assistant manager here at Quiznos and I dont find it disrespectful that you decide you no longer want to go back but, come on compare our sandwiches to competitors. I am not just saying this because I work here, I am saying this because it is true. But anyways come back for the sandwiches but don’t stop coming because of a soda, we offer a lot of other drinks. Thank you and that is all I have to say.

    p.s Water is better anyway it doesn’t get you full faster.

    1. Since I wrote that I have been switching to some sort of flavored water, mainly trying to cut down on my caffeine. But now Subway has these personal-sized pizzas that aren’t bad, so I’m on that kick now.

      I guess what I’m saying is, people are often creatures of habit and I find during the day at lunch especially I just want to slam something down and get back to work, so I tend to be pretty boring (unless I am going to lunch with others, and usually we go to a higher-priced proper restaurant for those kinds of outings). It often only takes a minor little change to break someone’s habit and they seek out something else until something happens to change their habit again.

      On that parenthetical remark, when a group of office people are talking about where to go to lunch, no one ever says “Let’s go to Subway or Quiznons.” 🙂

      Anyway, thanks for the reply.

  14. You know, there’s always the option of just bringing your own drink. I never buy drinks in restaurants because they are always overpriced. I work in a Quiznos, and all of my coworkers AND my boss think the bottled drinks and fountain drinks are far overpriced.
    I agree with Tammy. Its VERY difficult for the franchise owners to keep their locations open. The prices of the products they are forced to buy kill the store’s income, and I’ve watched over the past year as more than half of Quiznos locations in the Greater Cleveland area have vanished, owners we know having to close their doors and leave with huge sums of debt. Boycotting a franchise simply because they don’t offer YOUR choice of pop (ALL of which is unhealthy) is childish. I can go to a dozen convenience or grocery stores and pick up whatever pop I like at much lower costs, and still eat wherever I normally prefer.
    And to tell the truth, all I could think of when reading this was “What a whiny brat.”

  15. LOL @ Inquizitor, you’re the one coming off as a “whiny bratt,” not the blog’s author.

    I too boycott certain fast food chains because they have Pepsi and not Coke (I’m perfectly healthy btw). Especially delivery chains (Quiznos and the pizza chains).

  16. listen folks people r more pressing issues than f**kin pop, how bout the people that die fighting for our freedom, lets talk about that and how to help others……i get so sick of whiny a** pop drinkers!!!

  17. Are you smack in the head? Who gives a crap about the drink? You Eat at Quiznos because its GOOD not because pf the drink. You have personal issues. Me? I usually buy a drink that i like first the. I go to my favorite fastfood. You just work for subway that has less meat and less heat. YUCK!!

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