Rescaning SCSI bus for SAN disk adds

This should not have been as difficult to do as it was. Simple concept, add disks and hence LUNs to the scan, and you want to use them on your host without having to umount all disks and reload the scsi driver.

There’s a script to rescan the scsi bus from a website that automates the process, but it didn’t work on one host I tried it.

I found that since we use qlogic drivers there’s a command that has to be run first to let the driver know that a rescan is coming (I guess).

echo "scsi-qlascan" > /proc/scsi/driver-name/adapter-id

After running it, I got this goodness in fdisk for the new device! 🙂

Disk /dev/sdd: 2000.4 GB, 2000414572544 bytes

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