GoDaddy SSL certs and Symbian phones

I recently got a cool Nokia N90 smart phone but it throws up SSL certificate warnings when used with GoDaddy issued SSL certificates. These certs are nice because they are only $30/year instead of several hundred for Verisign. Allegedly they work with all modern browsers. Sigh, not with the latest Symbian devices.

Not only does it barf on websites that use GoDaddy, but also with my imap and smtp ssl certs used for my email. A pain when reading or sending on the N90.

I ensured the intermediate certificate was installed in the server correctly but that didn’t work.

Then I found a posting on Nokia support forum that said to install the root certificate in the phone using its native browser (not Opera). Which I did, by browsing to GoDaddy’s SSL certificate page and downloading the “Valicert Root — DER Format” root certificate. Once clicked, the phone’s browser prompts to install the cert and that root cert works for email as well!

Now I’m happy again!

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