TSA and expired drivers licenses…

Went to Florida today for a conference. As I was going through security, the TSA agent told me “I hope you are coming back before Friday.” I’m like, “Er, no, Sunday… Why?”

So she proceeds to tell me my drivers license expires on Friday and I won’t be able to use it to come back after that.


So I say I’ll worry about it Sunday and she says “Fine, don’t say I never warned you.”

While waiting for my flight I do some googling for info and find a few horror stories about TSA and expired drivers licenses.

Gessh… a few other accounts told about how doing this can land you on the TSA watch list too, even after you get your license renewed.

Fortunately, I have a valid passport back home and a understanding wife who is going to send it to me here.

Now I just have to pray the passport doesn’t get lost. 🙁


Update July 2008: Since writing this I’ve found out that TSA will let you board a flight without ID or expired ID but you have to fully cooperate with their attempts to verify your identity. They will use some sort of national database with information about you and ask you a series of questions to determine if you are really you. So be prepared to know all sorts of information like your former addresses.  What they ask can change for each incident and person.  Wired has an article with more info about this.

7 thoughts on “TSA and expired drivers licenses…”

  1. Oddly, I asked a cop and he told me that as a source of identification drivers licenses never expire. The date on a drivers license is only for its use as a drivers license, but as an ID they never expire.

    of course, TSA employee’s are notoriously dumb…

  2. I woke up after a night of heavy partying in NYC and realized that I had lost my driver’s license. I was able to board the return flight home, but it took some time with a TSA supervisor. She asked if I had filled out a police report…the paper that would have resulted in doing so would have made it easier to get through TSA. I hadn’t even thought of that. Luckily I had credit cards, an itinerary, and things like that with me and was eventually allowed through security to board the airplane.

  3. “Notoriously Dumb” are those who allow their ID to expire I would suggest….gosh the short memories you people have….waddya want, which tall building/s would you like to lose next ??

    Just let anyone on, why not, no great loss to be had, they go straight to martyr heaven and you don’t give a damn.

  4. Found out my lisense expired while in check in line I was told I could fly TSA said you can fly up toa year but not driving

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