Racism is alive

Kosovo IndependenceIt was the day that Kosovo declared independence and we just happened to be in New York City that day. The city was a mess with people celebrating — which meant they all had to get home, wherever that was, at the end of the day.

Unfortunate timing, since my wife and I had to head home as well. We went to Penn Station to catch an Amtrak train south. The place was mobbed. My wife got a bit in front of me, trying to find a seat. We crammed ourselves into the train, no seats to be found. Yet another crappy train ride standing most of the way.In front of me was a black woman, next to her was an open seat with stuff piled on it. My wife was half-way down the car. I was about to ask the seated woman if the seat was vacant (I was pretty sure it was since there was only one seat check on it). Before doing so, the black woman asked. The asian woman who was seated said something to the black lady, got up, went forward in the car a bit, said something to my wife, came back with my wife, said “Sorry” to the black lady, and my wife sat down.

I figured the woman knew my wife, but I started wondering if that was true, so I sent my wife a text message “Do you know that lady?” She sent me a reply back “Never seen her before in my life.

“Wow, I had a hard time believing what I just witnessed. This Asian woman just simply didn’t want a black person sitting next to her, so she went down the aisle of the train and grabbed the first white person she saw.

At the next stop, as people got off the train, I made sure this lady got herself a seat.

Really pretty disturbing. I would have hoped this sort of thing never happens in this day and age. Guess I was being naive.

2 thoughts on “Racism is alive”

  1. I know this sounds strange, but I’ve noticed it myself. Asian’s are *extremly* racist towards black people. Especially older Asian’s that grew up in their “home country”. I don’t know why that is, but I’ve seen it quite often.

  2. If you want to see racism, go to Georgia or pretty much anywhere south. I used to live up in Washington (state) and when I into Georgia I was shocked by the amount of racism in some parts of this state.
    PS Idk about you but I consider the above comment irony.

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