Did Obama break 1981 Reagan record for inauguration?

Straight from the mouths of the old, dying media comes word that — wait for it — Obama did not break 1981 Reagan Nielsen record for inauguration.

Wow, you don’t say. Now run around to some friends and ask them if they watched the inauguration, and if so, how.  Most — and I mean just about everyone I know — watched it online.

The CNN/Facebook partnership alone, just one of a plethora of sites streaming the inauguration, had 1.3 million concurrent live streams running just before the inaugural address.

There were even live streams going on inside Second Life.

Back in 1981 the only opportunity to watch a live news event was on TV.  It’s 2009, and it’s all about the Internet. Times change, and Nielsen hasn’t quite caught on yet.

So Obama haters can cling to that one stat and feel better, but in aggregate I think it’s safe to  say that more people watched this inauguration via whatever means than any other in history by a long shot.

p.s. The Reagan inauguration was on a Sunday as well. Less people at work means more in front of a TV.

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