25 Random Things About Me

Often on social networking sites people try to create a viral message that says something silly, like you have to copy it and spread it to n number of your friends for good luck, etc, etc.  Well I got hit by one that says you need to write down 25 random things about yourself, tag 25 of your friends with it, and then they have to do it for themselves.

Normally I don’t respond to such things, but since my personal vanity knows no limits, I’m going to do this one, all the while pretending someone cares, all the while hoping someone doesn’t try to use any of the bits of info against me later when I run for public office someday.

Of course this will get posted to my Facebook page, and hence at least partially satisfy my “obligation” to perpetuate it.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. (To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

  1. Attempts at viral messaging often annoy me, so don’t expect me to follow the rules of this and tag 25 people. However, my vanity knows no bounds, so on the mistaken theory that anyone cares, I’m doing my own post. I will tag a few though, especially those who tagged me. Deserves them right. And yeah, I read the Time article about this. However I have enjoyed reading other friend’s mindless babble so I’m doing it too regardless.
  2. My Mother was English. Yeah, in past tense. She died when she was 46 from cancer and I was 20.
  3. I love to travel. I’ve visited 47 states — still have yet to do Nebraska, Alaska, and Hawaii. I also go to England every 2-3 years since I have family and friends over there. Whenever I leave England, I feel ill in my stomach. I think I probably belong there. I get homesick often. My wife, Linda, and I are possibly going to Denmark this Summer.
  4. My father is a minister at Victory Christian Fellowship, which basically means I’m a Preacher’s Kid. Muhahahahahah…. I’m very proud of my father and the work he does, although he doesn’t seem to believe that. I’m going through a crisis of faith right now and I believe he takes that personally so when I tell him I’m proud of the work he does, he probably thinks I am only being polite. 🙁
  5. I prefer brunettes but married blondes — twice. Yeah, I was married before a long time ago. I was also engaged once that didn’t follow through with marriage. The Catholic Church refused to marry us because I was married before and refused to put my ex through the hell of a church annulment investigation.  It worked out though. Linda is my best friend and I’m lucky to have met her and married her.
  6. My fave band is Dream Theater although for some reason I quite like Rage and Limp Bizkit as well.
  7. When I was 12 I used to ride my bicycle from Pike Creek to Concord Mall — a lot. My mother never knew. Back then during the Summer it was always like, out of the house after breakfast, just be home before dark. Once I rode it to Tri-State-Mall and got a flat and was too afraid to call for help so I walked it (and rode a bit down hills) through downtown Wilmington since it was shorter distance, and finally to Prices Corner before I called for a lift (it was also gtting dark) hoping to minimize the trouble I’d get into. She still freaked out at the thought I rode my bike to Prices Corner and I got grounded.
  8. As a teenager I worked on a loading dock at Almart, which was hard work. One day my jerk of a boss removed the desk and chairs where we’d write up the waybills after a load and replaced it with a high table so we’d have to stand to write them up because it annoyed him if we were sitting down on the job. That night I contacted Retail Clerks Union (now UFCW) and started a union organization drive and got half the store’s employees to sign certification cards, which lead to numerous hearings at the NLRB in Philly and eventually a vote. That was my first “leadership” lesson of my life — although I didn’t put that down on my Delaware Tech LDP application! I also learned a lot of other lessons from that experience.
  9. Linda and I got married in the middle of Grand Central Terminal in New York City on August 14, 1999. I thought it was an ideal wedding because I could get a few thousand people to attend the wedding, not have to pay to feed them, and if I changed my mind there were a few dozen trains leaving town that I could hop on for a quick getaway. Linda’s sister, who is Jewish and lives in Brooklyn and can’t use public transit on the Sabbath walked from Brooklyn up to 42nd street to attend. All of Linda’s immediate family came, but no one on my side of the family bothered to attend, which really hurt. I know it was a bit of a distance but one of them went to Europe to attend a wedding of a friend a few months later. Sigh…
  10. Linda and I have three pets, one dog (Lady), and two cats (Catzilla and Minipuss).  Catzilla even has her own website!
  11. Linda and I volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter called Faithful Friends once a week. If you would like a dog or a cat, please consider rescuing one from a shelter instead of from a puppy mill.  Ask me and I’ll hook you up with a really great best friend!
  12. Every time I get a promotion where I work, I have less autonomy than before.
  13. In 1996 I strapped a tent to the back of my motorcycle and drove out to New Mexico. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and something I’ve been wanting to do again ever since, and never can find the time for it. 🙁
  14. I used to play the Trumpet in the marching band for Christiana High School.
  15. While running network wires in our then-new house in 2000 I found the former owner’s porn stash hidden between some duct work and the ceiling of the basement. Some vintage 1950s porn magazines plus, ah, a Suzanne Somers work out VHS tape.  (/shudders).  I put them back where I found them so the next owner can find it someday.
  16. I love New York Strip Steaks, medium rare. The places I’ve had the best strip steaks are 1) The Steak Out in Sonoita, Arizona, 2) Michael Jordans in Grand Central Terminal, NYC, and 3) Conley-Ward’s on the Riverfront in Wilmington, DE.  Not been to C-W for a while now though, and I’ve heard they’ve gone down hill lately. 🙁
  17. I love hiking in the Arizona desert and have taken about 20 trips out there over the past 10 years. Yeah, that works out to about twice a year. Sometimes it was three times a year. Last time I was out there was November 2007 though, so I’m long overdue.
  18. People often ask me to work on their computers and I feel bad and do it anyway, even though I hate doing it. It can be very time consuming and aggravating at times and I have so little free time as it is. I just don’t think people understand how long it often takes to do it.  When something happens to my car, or repairs are needed around the house, or I get sick, or my yard looks like hell, I pay someone to help if needed because people who do that stuff for a living don’t appreciate family and friends bugging them for help either. With that said, never take your computer to Geek Squad to get worked on. They are absolute rip-offs.
  19. I deleted number 19 before posting this, on advice of counsel.
  20. I have long hair. When I was a kid my Dad wouldn’t let me grow my hair long. He told me that when I was an adult I could grow it as long as I want, but guaranteed me that I wouldn’t want to. So parents, be careful of what you say to your kids!
  21. I carry three cell phones with me at all times. A work phone, an iPhone, and a Nokia N95.  The iPhone is probably the best phone all around except for the crappy camera in it, hence why I carry a Nokia N95 around with me as well.  When the Nokia N95 went on sale originally, you could only buy it at a Nokia store in NYC and Chicago. I had been on a reservation list for it for months and then finally I got a call one Saturday at 1pm that the Nokia NYC store was having a launch invitation-only party at 6pm.  I ran to the train station, jumped on a train, and was standing in line by 5pm.
  22. I was mentioned numerous times by name in an article in the Wall Street Journal back in 2004 about the then-new camera phones and posting pics to online picture blog sites that document what you do every day. Through some of them I’ve met a lot of good friends all around the world, many whom I’ve have traveled to visit personally. The problem is, these sites often have people who feel a need to post nude pics of themselves, which some people would have an issue with. One time in 2004 I posted a message saying I was concerned that people at work would think I ran a porn site if they saw them, so some guy from Switzerland registered a site called weavespornsite.com as a joke, put  a picture of me as the owner of the site with a caption along the lines of “Just some IT hippie who likes porn and wants to share it with others” and then put some nude pics up there.  It was all meant as a joke but it mortified me that someone would think it was real, so I begged him to take it down, which he did thankfully. Oh well, I guess I can never run for public office now, but at least I pay my taxes — not that that is a requirement these days.
  23. I think virtual worlds are the future of education. Other distance learning techniques don’t offer the same sort of student-teacher and student-student interaction and structure that a real classroom offers.  Virtual Worlds will make all that possible while reducing the need for costly physical infrastructure of classrooms and support systems. It won’t replace traditional classrooms, but as another method of instructional delivery where it makes sense, will decrease educational costs and hence make affordable and effective education more widely available to more people. The technology still has a ways to go, but those institutions who do not start to get involved now will risk being left behind.
  24. I have been playing World of Warcraft for over four years now. My “main” has a “/played” of 55 days, 13 hours, 37 minutes, 26 seconds as I write this. However, I’m not addicted. I can quit anytime I want.
  25. There is no number 25.

4 thoughts on “25 Random Things About Me”

  1. 17: ahem

    19: had something to do with feather boa’s and pink drinks, i don’t blame you for deleting it

    22: you really do make for a good target of pranks generated by people you’ve met through camphone sites

  2. #25. You once brought a little red haired girl a kitten you found in a parking lot in the pouring rain and carried in your helmet 🙂

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