WoW Priest Mini 5-player Cheat Sheet

I play a Holy or Discipline spec’ed priest in WoW.  I’m a healer. That means when people die, it’s my fault. Doesn’t matter if the tank didn’t hold agro or DPS gained agro — it’s my fault.   So this is my little cheat sheet so when I do a random, I can quickly review the things I need to remember.  I’ll edit it over time most likely.  So this is mainly for my own purposes more than a tutorial.

The Nexus

Entrance at lower level at Nexus in Coldarra (if needed)

  • Grand Magus Telestra: Cast Prayer of Shadow Protection (PoSP) before battle, AOE damage
  • Ormorok the Tree-Shaper: Beware of crystal spikes – stay directly under boss, AOE damage
  • Anomalus: AOE damage
  • Keristrasza: PVP trink if chained, stay to side of dragon (not front or back), keep moving to avoid cold debuff, mana can go fast in this fight
  • Commander Kolurg: (optional, Heroric only) Cast Fear Ward on tank before battle. Basic TaS (tank and spank)

Utgarde Keep

  • Prince Keleseth: Cast PoSP if needed. Stay behind boss. Skeleton adds can be shackled. Beware of Frost Tombs, 20 sec plus dmg unless broken by damage by other player.
  • Skarvald and Dalronn: Ensure PoSP is up. Can’t shackle skels on Heroic mode.  Stack on boss in normal, stand at range on heroic.
  • Ingvar the Plunderer: Ensure PoSP is up. When he starts roar cast, stop casting. Cast shadow fiend at beginning of phase 2.

Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom

  • Elder Nadox: Adds will attack others, hard for tank to keep agro, use Holy Nova to dps adds if mana avail
  • Prince Taldaram: PoSP, spread out until he vanishes, then bunch up. (Heroric) Bubble, don’t heal anyone in Vampiric Drain
  • Jedoga Shadowseeker: After first trash, go into center. When she re-levitates one add will walk towards center. Wand the add.
  • Amanitar: (heroic, optional):  Kill a healthy (non-green aura) mushroom to clear debuff
  • Herald Volazj: At 66% and 33% health he casts insanity. Unequip weapons before cast finishes. All players are cloned and then attack.

Violet Hold

Not all these bosses appear in each run. Last boss always appears.

  • Erekem: (arakkoa). Simple tank and spank, as long as DPS takes down boss first
  • Moragg: (floating eye). All parties should stay as close to the boss as possible.
  • Ichoron: (water revenant). Big danger of gaining threat until he hits 25% and enrages. At that point, be ready to heal loads. Elemental adds explode and do dmg when they die.
  • Xevozz: (ethereal).  Stay away from spheres. Tank should kite Xevozz away from orbs. Try to stay ahead of tank.
  • Lavanthor: (core hound). Tank and spank, stay away from front of him. AOE damage.
  • Zuramat: (void lord). Pray first. Cast PoSP if needed. Target boss, dispel magic when he gets darkness buff.  Kill sentries if you can see them if void shifted (holy nova). Use PoM a lot. Bubble a lot. Don’t run out of mana. If a player gets more than 5 darkness debuffs, negative healing happens. Tell group not to DPS him if he gets that buff and to wait until it is dispelled.
  • Cyanigosa: Tank and spank, stay to side of dragon.

The Oculus

Entrance at upper level of The Nexus in Coldarra

  • Drakos the Interrogator: Best done as Holy due to mult player damage
  • Varos Cloudstrider: If hit by laser beam, move away from source but avoid crossing it thru another player. Stay clear of tank if he’s in center or outside. Be ready to group heal.
  • Mage-Lord Urom: Keep anyone hit with Time Bomb healed to max. Keep HOTs on all players. Get out of LOS (behind a pillar) if arcane explosion is being cast. If tank kites boss, stay in front of the boss and tank’s direction.
  • Ley-Guardian Eregos: Drake fight.  Emerald drake is healing one but can use any of them. In heroric, during a planar phase, don’t bother healing or DPS and stay away from anomalies — basically run away until planar phase is over.
    • Red Drake: Tank – Spam 1, 2, and 3 whenever CD is up
    • Amber drake: DPS – Channel 3 until 10 shock charges are up, then mash 1.  2 is used to stop time
    • Emerald drake: Healer – 3 heals targeted party member, 1 when you can, 2 if health is near top


  • Slad’ran: (snake) Snake issue. Lots of adds.  Hope people AOE them well or there will be problems.
  • Drakkari Colossus: Keep moving, stay out of green pools
  • Moorabi: Burn cooldowns when he gets to 50%.
  • Gal’darah: When boss in rhino form, stack on top of tank, against a wall if possible.
  • Eck: Stay away from front of boss

Utgarde Pinnacle

  • Svala Sorrowgrave: Throw DPS on 3 priests when player is suspended before sword descends. Stay away from sword if it descends to ground, AOE dmg
  • Gortok Palehoof: Fight 4 mini-bosses first…
    Massive Jormungar:
    DPS against tank will increase during the battle
    Ravenous Furbol: Cast Fear Ward on tank before battle.  Will attack random player
    Ferocious Rhino: Stay outside of stomp radius.
    Frenzied Worgen: May be high DPS if rogue or hunter don’t dispell
    Gortok: Race against time. Player max health is decreased. Add DPS if poss, bring out pet.  Stay away from front of him.
  • Skadi: Stay away from side of hall if frosted, pick up harpoons to kill Skadi’s mount
    Avoid Skadi’s whirlwind, which targets a random player
  • King Ymiron: Bane buff to king will reflect damage to players, cast prayer of shadow protection before fight

Forge of Souls

  • Bronjahm: Be sure Pray of Shadow Protection is on all, stay on side of platform until at 30% when he teleports to center, then move to center as well, heal through AOE effect.
  • Devourer or Souls: If people start dying, others should run down stairs to reset encounter and res dead ones.

Culling of Stratholme

First time players should do their team a favor and first go to the Caverns of Time, enter CoS and do the first quest and accept the second and watch the little skit. There’s no danger and then when you re-enter with a team you can all port ahead and skip that bit.

  • Meathook: Constricting Chains will stun for 4 secs. Targets party member with least threat allegedly.
  • Salramm the Fleshcrafter: Ensure PoSP is up, Tank and Spank, adds may target if DPS sucks
  • Chrono-Lord Epoch: TaS – If afflicted by Curse of Exertion, spell cost doubles. Hopefully a druid or mage will remove the curse
  • Mal’Ganis: Equip PVP trinket and use if put to sleep.  Dispel Vampiric touch from boss.
  • Infinite Corruptor: (Heroric only) – simple TaS but to get him must rush through instance and reach him within 25 minutes.

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