Vcenter Host Agent Pre-Upgrade Checker Problem

I’m attempting to upgrade a vSphere 4 to vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus installation. Just a real simple out of the box install. So I run the Vcenter Host Agent Pre-Upgrade Checker.  Simple enough. But it fails connecting to the database with a “failed to connect to database for user…” error. and “Look at the log file for more details”

Sigh…. Got me.  I know I got my credentials correct. So I do a web search, can’t find anything relevant.

So on a hunch, I just browse the CD and run Autorun with elevated privs (right click, “run as administrator”) and then it worked fine.



5 thoughts on “Vcenter Host Agent Pre-Upgrade Checker Problem”

  1. This worked for me! VMware said it was an ODBC connection issue because I had a 32-bit connection, but I knew mine was 64-bit.

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