I’m the Director of Systems Administration at Delaware Technical & Community College. For any techie thinking about going into upper management –don’t. ┬áThe tech world moves so fast that all that time you spend in meetings and dealing with staff issues and politics, the world starts going past you and before you know it, you’re that clueless guy in charge.


I’m clawing desperately trying to spend as much time as I can doing “real work” so the world doesn’t leave me behind. Doesn’t mean I haven’t learned a lot in my current position including a very valuable two-year leadership development program I went through, but I still wish I was a techie.

Maybe when I retire, and since I’ve been at my current employer for 26+ years now, could be anytime. Maybe sooner if my online life catches up to me. Not that I have any big skeletons in my closet or anything, but there’s always something out there that could come back to haunt one professionally.

If you want to know more, there’s always my 25 Random Things About Me post!


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