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Removing backups from Apple’s Time Machine

Apple’s Time Capsule is a neat device that provides both wireless access, router functions, and a hard drive for doing automated backups from one or more Macs in the same network.

It’s very easy to use and “just works.” If it runs short on disk space it starts to automatically trim the oldest backups automatically. No intervention needed.

But ease of use often means functionality can suffer, and in one area that this is true with Time Capsule and Time Machine is when it comes time to add another machine to it and there’s not enough space on it to do the first backup.

Which is what happened to me. I purchased a new Mac and wanted to add it to my Time Capsule without reformatting it and removing all my old backups from the two other computers on it.   Pruning it manually is a bit of a bear.  Hence this blog post.

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Defining multiple cell modems in Leopard

I have two cellular data services that allow me to “tether” to them to provide Internet to my Mac.  No, I’m not mad. One is provided by my work for work purposes only, the other is personal.  The problem I had for a while was not knowing how to configure OS X to have both modems defined and usable. I would delete the settings for the old one and recreate the new one.  

But there is a way to do this using multiple bluetooth serial ports. This guide will show you how.

The phones in question and the connections are:

  • Motorola V3M using Verizon’s Broadband Connect Service via USB cable
  • Motorola V3M using Verizon’s Broadband Connect Service via Bluetooth
  • Nokia N95 using T-Mobile’s Total Internet service via Bluetooth

Using a USB cable is easiest to configure and at least allows the phone to not lose battery while being used (using Bluetooth drains the phone’s battery fast).   However it is a hassle at times when you just need a quick connection. It’s nice keeping it in the pocket for those purposes.

While this guide is specific to these model phones and services, the ideas presented should work for similar situations with some minor modifications. 

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