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SMS short codes and the evil that is M-cube

This post is to document frustrations I had removing a monthly charge from M-cube to my wife’s cell phone for $9.99 a month from the SMS short code of 44999. 

Now most sane people would just contact their cell phone provider and complain right away, but I’d figure I’d just do it the way you are supposed to do it, type STOP and be done with it.   OK, big mistake.

So five months later and five charges for 9.99 I think I finally got it resolved, but won’t know for sure until my next bill.

It all began with my bill in November…

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25 Random Things About Me

Often on social networking sites people try to create a viral message that says something silly, like you have to copy it and spread it to n number of your friends for good luck, etc, etc.  Well I got hit by one that says you need to write down 25 random things about yourself, tag 25 of your friends with it, and then they have to do it for themselves.

Normally I don’t respond to such things, but since my personal vanity knows no limits, I’m going to do this one, all the while pretending someone cares, all the while hoping someone doesn’t try to use any of the bits of info against me later when I run for public office someday.

Of course this will get posted to my Facebook page, and hence at least partially satisfy my “obligation” to perpetuate it.

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